Dear Remy September 02 2018, 11 Comments

Dear Remy,

Do you know that out of all the cousins and even Sander and Arrow, you and Maddy share something with Bryer that none of the others do?  Do you know what that is?

I think you know. Yes! Eternal life and the gift of Jesus being with you all the time.

1 Thessalonians 5:10 "Jesus died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him."

Let me explain my perspective as I watched your Dad baptize you today

I parallel it so much with Bryer's death.  That means I can make a lot of comparisons.  Sounds weird right? Because you certainly did not die like Bryer died.

Bryer was born into this world just like you.  A world that is broken and full of hardship and suffering.  That's not the way God intended it to be when He created it right?  When He created man and all the things in this world, it was perfect.  He thought it was so GOOD.  He would live WITH us forever.  But then what happened? 

You're right, sin entered and messed it all up.

I often struggled with why God would create a sweet little baby boy who would be born and have THIS MUCH pain and suffering and this much joy.  But I have learned that Bryer's struggles, pain and suffering wasn't what God intended.  It wasn't His doing.  No, it was the result of sin.  Not a punishment for my sin or any sin of Bryer's. No, it's just that we are a part of an imperfect world.  And when we live in an imperfect world, imperfect things will happen.  But, you know what God does?  He can take imperfection and make it a most perfect part of His greater story.

So, as I held Bryer in my arms as his heart began to slow down and he took his last two that moment Jesus (God's perfect rescue plan!) reached down and pulled him up from this world and all the pain and suffering that went along with it.  He washed that all away.  He fixed what was broken and He said, "Bryer, my beloved child, you are mine forever and I am yours." And with that, Bryer met Jesus face-to-face and began his eternity in heaven.

...And when your Dad lowered you down into the water and then pulled you up again, Jesus rescued you just as He did Bryer.  He washed away all your sins and fixed what was broken.  

Did you know we are all broken without Jesus, Remy?

In that moment He said, "Remy, my beloved child, you are mine forever and I am yours.  Your eternity is sealed.  But until the day comes when you meet me face-to-face,  my  Holy Spirit will make a home in your heart. I will be your comforter, counselor, truth, guide, helper and friend. You will never be without me."

Your Dad held you and I held Bryer as your eternities were secured.  A most powerful and sacred moment!  Glory be to God forever and ever for such a gift.

I love you forever sweetheart,