"Victory" September 10 2015, 4 Comments


I have mentioned the song, "Whom Shall I Fear", several times as one of great significance.  It gained such a position in my heart not only by the frequency in which I sang it to Bryer, but also the conviction and prayerfulness by which I sang it. It seeped into my spirit and became a battle cry of sorts. A claim, probably strengthening me more than it comforted Bryer in those moments of uncertainty. Through song, I was reminded of who was behind us and who went before us as we fought.  The one who reigns forever! The God of Angel armies!

And now that Bryer's battle is over it's a claim of Victory.

We claim Victory over Bryer's death through Jesus.  Victory because in that moment Bryer was made new and given ever-lasting life in glory.  Death and suffering did not have the last word.  No, let us look at what mercy's overcome. Death has LOST and love has WON.  

But this is never just about us or just about Bryer.  

Every one of us battles something.  Not just the battles of illness, losing a loved one or grief...

What darkness is filling your night? 

What troubles are lingering still? 

What do you need delivered from? 

What do you claim or need to claim Victory over? 

Addiction, anxiety, fear, pain, doubt, loneliness, body image, insecurity, stress, envy...there are so many more...

Maybe you need to re-claim it again and again…. by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the week or year.  I know this is true in my life.

It's our hope that this shirt can serve as a reminder of a Victory claimed and inspires you to press on for the ones to come!  

Thank you for your love and support!!