Soar September 17 2016, 10 Comments

Soar, Run, Walk.

Isaiah 40:31 was the scripture I leaned on most through out Bryer's life. See here.

For those who hope in the The Lord will renew their strength.

They will SOAR on wings like eagles.

They will RUN and not grow weary.

They will WALK and not be faint.

I originally had designed this year's shirt in the reverse order of Walk, Run, Soar.  I just wanted to tweak the verse.  I like the neatness and predictability of progression. So, it was mocked up like that for weeks.  

Then one morning as I was getting ready and feeling a little anxious about our littlest guy, Arrow, and what he was and wasn't doing in regards to milestones at that point in time... God reminded me of a couple things.  For starters, I don't need to be messin' with the Word! Secondly, when is life ever neat and predictable?  Rarely do things progress according to MY plans.  I know that all too well.  My reverse order of Walk, Run, Soar could imply you need to walk before you run and run before you SOAR, and that's the exact opposite of how God works.  God's love isn't conditional upon what we can or can't do.

We just need to trust Him.  Our hope should rest in Him. For when we do, He renews our strength and we SOAR.